Friday, July 23, 2010

Bedroom : 7 Zen designs to inspire.

Zen bedroom designs are beautiful for its simplicity and the positivity it brings to home. It incorporates soothing colors on the walls and suitable flooring like wood laminate or bamboo, with simple designs for wall decoration. Keeping the furniture to basic and clean lines help the energy flow. Declutter and include all the elements of nature, plants, water and light.

Simple and clean ! A beautiful set of pieces to grant the elegance and beauty to this Zen bedroom design.

Wood in different forms make this zen decor complete. The platform bed in wood, chest and the bamboo mat. The look is serene and peaceful.

Green and peaceful, the blue on the wall reminds of clear skies. A lot of oriental art here to add to the bedroom decor which is definitely Zen.

A beautiful mix of wooden texture, the blinds, the slat flooring and the wooden furniture. The color red is very oriental in appeal and the art pieces are also keeping with the Zen design.

Soft blue, airy and the light brings in lots of energy. Zen designs are open plans with minimal yet beautiful furniture. The whole look is simple yet attractive.

I love how the red brick is used so effectively to create this amazing Zen bedroom design. Creative idea for lofts. Using red as the focal color the design is functional and beautiful !

Zen design for bedroom does not necessary include oriental elements. Its a design with simplicity and beauty. This bedroom has that without even a single orient accent. Make it the way you like it.

Make your own perfect design for zen decor. Use these layout and pictures to inspire yourself to create your perfect blend of functional yet simple and beautiful bedroom.


indu puri said...

realy b'ful! I will like to decorate bed room my newly merried son.thanks. I always wait for your new ideas.

gkellett said...

Love the zen simplicity of these photos...any idea where to actually find the furniture?

gkellett said...

Particularly interested in the bed and furniture pictured below the post on "Soft, blue, airy...."

Thanks for putting together these amazing designs. You have an amazing design sense.

Kimberly Ordoñez said...

Anyone know where to buy the first platform bed? Have been searching for it everywhere...

Amy Smith said...

Kimberly, Did you have any luck? I've been looking everywhere for it.

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