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10 Kids craft ideas for Christmas!

There is just enough time to sneak a quick Christmas craft idea before it the holiday begins! Some absolutely easy inspiration for adding your crafty touch to decorations around the house, and some greeting card ideas too! Template for cutting paper snowflakes and handmade Christmas ornaments.

Enjoy these kids friendly craft ideas, which are made from everyday household stuff. Recycle, upcycle and do it yourself ideas for all ages. Have the most fun making and decorating this Christmas!

Colorful card stock paper, cut into Christmas theme shapes. Decorate and insert them into tapered candle votive holder. Use cutouts like Santa, ornaments, bells or star. Easy and pretty!

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Paper snowflakes are ever popular! Need helps with pretty shapes..there are a lot of easy templates here to help. Check out some neat kids friendly alphabet designs too.

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Some bits of wool and lace wrapped around a cardboard cut out. Perfect for little ones! Glue buttons and stickers. Insert in little pots, use to decorate as tablescape or hang them on windows :)

Kids get super excited about getting money! Give them a card with coins on them and watch their eyes get wide :) Use a swatch of tape to hold the coins and decorate. More ideas.

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Snowman made of parachute cord/wool and paper base. Cut circles and use white glue to stick the cord. Add button eyes and felt nose. Love the twig hands holding a tiny ornament. Cute!!

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Frugal craft that looks so neat! Mardi gras beads glued on foam shapes and spray painted. Use different sized bead length to make it more interesting. Put atop candle holders. Chic!

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Recycle idea for paper rolls (empty gift wrap rolls would be great!) Flatten it, cut slices and punch holes at same intervals, pass pipe cleaners and tie. Color them or use glitter, all done!

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Perfect for beginner at craft. Hot glue different kinds of pasta, make as many forms as you wish! Color with golden acrylic paint and hang them by ribbons. Pin it to try this holiday season!

More inspiration!

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Love this little herd of reindeer! Collect wine corks,  and make these adorable Christmas ornaments! Supplies: Wine corks, pipe cleaners, toothpick, felt, ribbon and red beads :c)

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Prasad Kumar said...

Awww very nice crafts! This year, we will try diy Christmas decorations so these ideas come pretty handy. Thanks a lot!

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