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Monday, March 31, 2014

Outdoor Inspiration: 7 Awesome Backyard and Patio!

Spring is here and it's time to enjoy the outdoors! If you have a charming backyard or a gorgeous garden, make sure it has comfortable seating so that you can enjoy the most of the lovely weather.

Relax in your very own oasis of bright flowers and lush greenery. With thoughtfully planned seating arrangement, you could entertain your guests or even enjoy reading a book in pure solitude. Customize the seating in your garden with these awesome ideas and inspirations!!

Bring the pizzazz of indoor fireplace, outside. The gorgeous mirror, mantel,chandelier hanging from the tree, rustic furniture and colorful furnishings :)

A simple balcony can be transformed with potted green plants, cute birdhouses, simple bench and comfortable cushions. A fun way to decorate a small size patio!

A contemporary, modern seating under trellis. Add overhanging lamps and low cushions for a gorgeous seating arrangement outside. Enjoy the outdoors!

Do not forget to ready your back porch for the weather! Pallets for simple seating solutions, cost friendly and easy DIY. Mix of cushions and burlap add a sweet rustic charm!

A mix of pebbles and wooden planks help create the two gorgeous areas for entertainment! The garden is absolutely stunning, and right seating makes it perfect haven for relaxing. Love!

A adobe style backyard, earthy and rustic. The seating is comfortable and charming, absolutely fit for a lazy afternoon and late evening barbeque. So perfect, just my taste :)

Small balconies in condo's are difficult to decorate, some creativity sure would make it amazing! River stones, bamboo screen and lush greens. Adding swing is just perfection!

We at love hearing from you! Please leave us your thoughts and comments. They inspire us :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Holiday Decor: Cushions with a touch of romance!!

Valentine's is almost here! If you have been looking for a reason to refresh your room decor, add some beautiful 'LOVE' themed throw cushions and pillows for a quick change.

Celebrate Valentine's by adding a touch of luxury to your living room, gift cute cushions to your loved one, from quirky to cute, fun print to exotic silk, there is one to please every one!

More ideas,

A gorgeous mix of motifs in blue and white, the love seat is surely done up for the romantic month of February.

from here

Luxurious fuchsia satin and intricate beading..this is perfect for an upscale elegant decor. Heart motif is so in season!

from here

A really fun burlap cushion for your favorite reading chair! It would be a neat gift for teens and college goers in your life too.

from here

For the Queen of hearts! Make your girl feel really special with this quirky cute cushion, definite to make her smile year round :-)

from here

If you love playing scrabble, you sure would like to bring these pillows out for Valentine's! Unique and fun..

from here

A really bright assortment of cushions in hearts and flower pattern. These will be perfect for a cottage style decor, quaint and charming.

from here

Love birds for love birds? Sweet message for your valentine!

from here

An appliqued cushion, spelled LOVE for a day bed or patio bench. Simple and sweet!

Love this for a touch of romance! Love spelled in bold and ornate, feminine and romantic..

from here

Red and white, a simple contrast brings out the details of this lovely embroidered cushion.

from here

Fun fun fun! Bright contrast, this is sure to be an eye catcher anywhere, it's raining hearts.

Crafted with love. A handmade gift is for keeps, burlap and some red ribbon, give it a go!

from here

A lovely vintage inspired appliqued cushion, will look awesome in french provencal inspired decor. So chic!

from here

Glitter is always in fashion! Enjoy a bit of sparkle on this day of romance.

from here

Celebrate love in all colors. A simple yet quirky set of cushions, a mix of colors to break the monotony!

We at love hearing from you! Please leave us your thoughts and comments. They inspire us :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine's Special: Romantic decor ideas!

Beautiful quirky bedroom in vibrant colors! The colorful bed is the focal center, a lovely bohemian style. Cuteness and comfort :)

A simple, uncluttered bedroom in beige and purple! The addition of floral painting gives it a soft romantic touch. Stylish and elegant!

A perfect romantic setup! Low bed with lovely curtains, candles and flowers. Easy and gorgeous!

Red is the universal color of love, a color of passion! Use its many shades to decorate your bedroom. Luxurious and inviting..

A lovely relaxing brunch in your terrace to unwind on a weekend. Done in French Provencal style it's perfect for a cottage. Love!

Cheery and uplifting, an abode for happy emotions! Feminine but bold, a perfect mix for a young adult, love the panache.

Done up in French provencal style, this sitting area is so dreamy and beautiful! A fresh mix of cream, green , turquoise and pink.

Red red all around! There is nice mix of pattern to break the monotone color. The squiggles are so retro fun! Unique and eye catching :)

Flowers and colors add cheer to any corner, an easy way to decorate for a special event! Cute detail here, love the stacked LOVE!

Red and white decorations pop in an all black hutch. Go all out way when showing love and sentiments! Celebrate the occasion :)

We at love hearing from you! Please leave us your thoughts and comments. They inspire us :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

11 Ideas for a fun Ghostly Halloween..Boo!!

Lots of awesome ideas for making this Halloween a little more ghostly!! These include some really cool ways of including the ghost theme in to your Halloween spread, treats and punch as well as desserts and snacks :)

Since Halloween does get busy and many of are left strapped with little time but a desire for some crafty satisfaction, we have a whole lot of easy craft ideas, good for kids and beginner level crafters too. Surprise your family and friends with some cute ghouls to spread the Halloween 'boo'!

A nice punch with cute ghosts floating!! This will be such a lovely surprise, be ready to share your recipe with admirers :)

from here

Kids are the ones most excited about Halloween! Make this day even more fun with ghost nutter butters! These are really easy three ingredient recipe. Check out!

from here

An easy way to make Halloween movie night fun. These are absolutely easy, ready in a jiffy and perfect to hand out as you enjoy some spooky time. :)

from here

Another quick white chocolate recipe. These will be a healthy substitute to all the Halloween candy kids will bring in. A Boo-nana ghost on stick anyone?

from here

Friendly little ghost popping out :) These are cute and delicious too..get store bought ones if you do not like piping out these. A little extra for the holidays!

from here

These are ridiculously easy to make and kids love glow sticks and balloons! Just break a glowstick stick it into a balloon, blow and paint the expressions! Bargain cuteness..

from here

Give your home a little touch of Halloween spirit! Simple card paper ghost to adorn the door knob, will make cute gifts for family and friends too.

Ghosts spiraling away in the breeze! An easy budget friendly craft to decorate your patio and garden. Hang them indoor to fill up empty space. They will be happy ghosts :)

from here

Genius of an idea!! These are cheap paper wedding bells covered in tulle. Who does not love a whole family of ghosts on a Halloween night :) Totally last minute craft!

from here

Perfect for little fingers, glue dots and googly eyes on paper cups. String of holidays lights have never been so boo-tiful before :) Hang over mantle or just anywhere, adorable.

from here

Good old Easter eggs masquerading for Halloween! Paint them white, and etch the feature, you could even try modpodge and cotton fabric. Super creative!

We at love hearing from you! Please leave us your thoughts and comments. They inspire us :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Theme Design: Chinese Garden stools!

Versatile furniture is always a good buy and a great addition to any style of decor. Ceramic garden stools are available in a wide range of colors and stunning metallic too. Available in lots of lovely Asian pattern and designs. Use them to refresh your decor, perfect for hallways, living room, by the reading chair and of course in your garden and outdoors.

Blingy gold and beautiful coral make a stunning combination. On a neutral palette, playing with just a few colors keeps it chic!

A lovely laid back chic space. This peaceful zen inspired decor has a pair of blue Chinese ceramic side stools. The ornate carving on it adds just the right interest!

Yellow brightens up any corner, this hallway is absolutely welcoming! A very modern chic appeal and simple furniture with lot of style. Extra seating in a pinch :)

The best part about ceramic stools are the vibrant colors!! Green is not easy to find in furniture, this Chinese garden stool fits absolutely perfect in this vintage inspired living room :)

A lovely lived in appeal in gorgeous fuchsia and teal! Intricate design on the stool brings surprise sophistication. Enjoy as extra seating anytime.

Beautiful slick silver side table brings a dash of oomph to this hallway setup. The over sized mirror in silver frame is beautifully complimented by metallic silver side table. A lovely space!

Intricately textured lovely azure blue stool holds its own in the patio! A beautiful mix of colors, the trio of garden stools adds a dose of sophistication. Love this melange of brightness :)

We at love hearing from you! Please leave us your thoughts and comments they inspire us :)
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