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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving decoration: 10 Easy last minute craft ideas!

Thanksgiving decoration ideas; some really quick last minute inspiration for decorating your home. Simple and budget friendly ways to add the extra dose of style and beauty to your Thanksgiving decor. Surprise your family and friends with these nifty crafts. You will love displaying them!

These ideas are perfect for those busy and are trying their hands at craft for the first time. Hope you find some inspiration here! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Go rustic chic! An old fruit basket filled with flowers and fruits in autumn colors. It cannot get easier than this ;)

An impressive yet ready in no time craft for a gorgeous centerpiece! Fill glasses with tomatoes place tiered plates/trays with bay leaves as decoration. Use your own substitutes too. Done!

Love this! Craft store baskets filled with beautiful scented fall goodies. Use floral foam and knitting needle to hold the baskets in place. Fill up and decorate. Absolutely gorgeous!!

A wonderful all natural table decoration. A branch with lovely fall leaves in a small pot. Added texture of small burlap sack. Little bunches of flowers. Love the lively yellow color theme too.

Natural texture and color of pumpkin is so exotic that even a bunch of them tastefully displayed looks pretty. A very simple approach to holiday decorating!

A few branches of ginkgo tree and wild shrubs look perfect for fall-autumn decor. Turn to nature for inspiration, it has so many shades and shapes to offer :)

Its easy to find wheat sheaf during autumn months. add a bunch of bright flowers for the pop of color. An elegant twist for a rustic style wreath. Perfect for last minute rush!

An old grapes charger or wreath base can come in handy. Few sprigs of herbs and flowers looks charming when put together. It is a very rustic feel and is perfect for cottage style decor.

A really cute idea to engage kids on Thanksgiving holiday. A simple walnut shell, leaves, twig, and play dough sail boat. Float them in a bowl, will look cute on window sill or even console table!

A lovely way to dress up the window. Clean the leaves and to keep them supple and pretty spread a vaseline over them. Tie with dental floss or sewing thread. Hang on window rod!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Wreath: Go Natural!!

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! With so much to plan for the Thanksgiving dinner, let me help with the decoration :) Go natural and find inspiration in the selection here to help create you very own personalized centerpiece and wreath. Crafting is a great stress buster and will enjoy the simple pleasure of creating and display.

There are different levels of difficulty but with even a few hours you can make a gorgeous table setting or a simple center piece. Hope you find some inspiration here!

Carve a pumpkin to look like a basket, insert a bowl, place a flower foam. Add flowers and candles, some berries and leaves, done! Its a simple but beautiful craft idea.

Next trip to the farmer's market look for colorful corns. A vintage wire basket, scented pine cones and a bunch of corn is all you would need. Finish with a broad gingham ribbon for a cottage chic appeal!

Fill an egg basket with wheat sheaf. Lay some corn and you have an all natural centerpiece for Thanksgiving table setting. Color coordinate for a more sophisticate look.

This looks like a vase/pot or small bird bath, but use your imagination! Fill some gravel/pebbles, add a few branches of red berry, fall leaves and small thank you notes for the family.

Love this Martha Stewart craft. Corn husk wrapped around dollar store votive and ribbons. Natural texture of husk and soft rose petals together is so unique. Frugal and fun!

Fill tall votive with wild rice or any gains. Add some dry branches, hang string tied small pumpkins. Place them in a mix of pine cones, red berries, pumpkins and moss pebbles. Prettiness!

A simpler version, pillar candles in traditional fall colors, decorative branches/vines, pumpkins and berries. Autumn leaves on the napkins looks absolutely in sync too.

Wheat sheaf look so pretty by themselves. For a minimalistic uber chic look put hem in tapered vase and add color coordinated pillar candles. Sometimes less is more!

A simple table runner decorated with lovely fall elements. A basic candle stand flanked by leaves and fruits. Remember some bold additions can elevate the entire look.

If you have absolutely no time to create or are in a hurry, even a small posy of wild flowers can cheer up the decor. Natural rustic is also a coveted style. Sweet surprise :)

Amazing wreath made of succulents! A mesh cone, fill it with fine gravel and planting medium. Add small succulents and plants. This should thrive the season and plant them in soil when they grow big.

A vintage inspired chicken coop wire and old frame wreath. Staple a piece of wire mesh to an wooden frame. There are so many possibilities, memo card holder, display holiday cards, or earrings holder. Love!

via BHG

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Autumn: Crafty nature inspired decoration!

Most of us have already updated a little for Autumn, and what a wonderful season to enjoy! Love using things natural and beautiful for decoration? Look no further! This post has some gorgeous craft ideas to update your home to welcome fall and all its colors.

Enjoy what nature offers and make the most of it, its free , its good for earth and  you will be so proud of your craft!

Stunning fall colors, bring a handful of leaves and a branch of red berries from the wild! A lovely color combination just full of 'Fall'!

Easy table decoration for Thanksgiving maybe. A simple trim with punched leaves hot glued for a stunning makeover. Easy and pretty!

Fireplace will soon need to be spruced! Decorate the mantel with this. An old frame(thrift), ribbon and pressed leaves. Write a message on the leaves to make it more personal. Good gifting idea too!

A twist of grass twine, pumpkins and leaves! Such a cute window decoration, its much better than store bought, and knowing its Eco-friendly makes me like it even more :)

Upgrade your boring napkins with some buttons! These leaves in the many fall colors are perfect for Autumn parties. Perfect for beginners at sewing too.

Upcycle old sweater's sleeve to make these votive cozies! Use the rest for making mittens etc. These can be slipped on a cozies for your tea mugs too, easy easy!!

Dollar store candle votive, spray on glue and fall leaves! Perfect for a display on your thanksgiving table or decorate on the mantle.

Autumn themed unique wreath made of leaves and nuts! Such a stylish statement piece. Love the natural colors and different shades. Almond, leaves and wreath anyone?!

All you need is a wire hanger and autumn leaves for making this lovely wreath. Kids will have fun making it. Or, styro foam wreath and pushpins, will be another idea!

My favourite! Stunning autumn colour wheel style wreath. Each element is beautiful and all natural. This is on my to-do list for the season!!

Wheat sheaf or autumn pruning of lavender can be tied to stair rods for this frugal but pretty decoration. So chic and delicate!

Perfect alternative for a wreath, though a more country cottage style. Just shove the corn on the rake or tie them with fishing line to make it more secure. Done in no time!!

An absolutely delightful centerpiece perfect for Thanksgiving! No carve, just scoop and add bunches of sunflower for this lovely three tier decoration. Heart it!

Another take, scoop and spray some bleach and put in a small pot of flower. Such a style quotient to this easy makeover. Perfect for novice too ;)

You can make so many lovely combinations with different pumpkin and flowers. Easy flower vase carving!

Use their different shapes to advantage, the slender neck is so elegant, pretty pretty!!

Credit: All images are from BHG, and Martha Stewart

Sunday, November 6, 2011

10 Thanksgiving Centerpiece & Wreath Ideas

Table centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving dinner! These are some easy and creative ideas for making centerpieces at home from candles and votive. It is eye catching and goes perfectly with the theme of harvest and family dinner. Interesting use of corn, beans, chestnuts, fall leaves etc to create some simple and stylish centerpieces for your thanksgiving harvest table.

Love the artichoke candle votive. The bunch of candles look so cottage chic and are perfect for a lovely home cooked Thanksgiving dinner table.

Short on time? Just add a handful of different nuts to votive for this earthy gorgeous centerpiece display.

Best frugal sophistication for thanksgiving. Pick fallen autumn leaves and wrap them with a bit of twine for this fabulous orange glow. Perfect for decorating this winter!

Love this mantel. Use vellum paper cut in an extra long tapering triangle and wrap it around a votive or tall glass vase. The beautiful shades of orange totally syncs with autumn colors. Easy thanksgiving decoration.

Another variant, use dried beans and straw to create a lovely country style centerpiece. Love the burlap table runner for Harvest table. So charming!

Candle votive filler with corn, cranberries and fruits make for delightful inexpensive decoration.

Brunch of corn cobs tied with twine to create a unique Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Wreath are easy to make and these are some beautiful styles. Use craft store leaves and glue them on. Easy and super inexpensive.

Borrow from nature! These red berries branches have been twisted around with floral wire.

Collect fall colored leaves for crafting this wreath. Would look amazing for fall and winter!

Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Thanksgiving Kids Craft & Decorations!!

Thanksgiving is a family event and what better way to celebrate then to make some crafts! Popular for thanksgiving, there are so many ways to many adorable cute turkey. Kids love craft, here are some fun, easy and inexpensive craft ideas for this holiday. Enjoy making these!

 Turkey crafted with balls of wool and paper on drinking straw!! Simple and gorgeous idea for a table centerpiece. Love the 'I am thankful for..'

This adorable bread basket makeover is an easy craft for little hands. Card stock and colorful bits and spangles. Transform a boring basket with this fun craft. Love the use of a red balloon too.

Easy turkey craft for Thanksgiving! Cut old cereal boxes and let kids glue them on. Love the random colorful bits. No cost craft!!

Use pine cones and pipe cleaners to make this funny little turkey. It looks easy enough with simple dollar store supplies. It makes for great gifts for doting aunts and grandparents too.

Turkey table decoration craft. Marta Stewart has this charming family of turkey idea. Felt, pom poms and a glue gun is all you need.

There are a few craft ideas for thanksgiving here. The festoon/banner with 'Give Thanks' made of glued on beans, wheat and corn etc.

The boat table centerpiece to represent the boat on which the pilgrims came and thank giving thoughts and names written in metallic pen on fall leaves.

Easy decorative craft idea for door steps and hallway decoration. Glitter pumpkins, inexpensive way to jazz up the celebration. Kids love anything glittery and this will surely be a hit!

Older kids could surely pull off these gorgeous pumpkin designs. Draw in pencil for easy directions.

A beautiful and instant makeover for your doorway. These glittering pumpkin are absolutely festive and fun!

Corn made with pop corns and construction paper! Kids will have a good time not just making this but even sneaking some into their mouth :)

Crafts are a great way to celebrate holidays. Its a good exercise in focus and team spirit and brings so much pride and joy too. Get crafty to celebrate this Thanksgiving with family!
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